SB 1179-Vidak, Succession Legislation Support Letter

Published 2016-03-21

Dear Member:

Attached is a draft Support Letter for the Succession legislation that is being carried for the CAPC and the PCA by Senator Andy Vidak. This legislation has been a long time coming and both associations have been working together with Bob Hunt to help Public Cemeteries in the ownership decisions that we make determining who has the right to use Interment Rights that have passed down from a deceased owner.

The intent of this legislation is to give Public Cemetery’s direction as to who has the right to use an Interment Right that was purchased and the owner of record has passed away. So many times the Interment Rights are not passed down by including them in a will or trust and when a family has a need to use a lot we have a very limited time to determine who has a right to use an Interment Right. This legislation has tried to make the succession language as simple as possible, and the bill is available through this link:  

We are asking that you take the draft support letter, remove the yellow highlights and add your cemetery district information. Please send a fax to your Senator and Assemblymember and the other consultants and interested parties at the bottom of the letter.

There is a real need for this legislation, and it will only move forward with the help of all Public Cemetery Districts working together. As you work through this draft, please feel free to add a short explanation of how this legislation will help your district.  

Thank you so much for your time in taking care of this matter, if I can be of any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Respectfully submitted,

Tim Unruh
District Manager – Kern County Cemetery District
CAPC – Legislative Director

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